IronWood / 10 September, 2019


Ulin or bulian is the best type of wood that has been known for its strength and durability against water and termites, so often called iron wood. Ulin is also one of Indonesia’s original premium woods, thrives in Kalimantan, eastern Sumatra and parts of Sulawesi.

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Morphologically, ironwood can grow up to 50 meters in diameter to 2 meters. Website QQIBS Terpercaya .This tree can grow in the lowlands to a height of 400 meters above sea level. Based on the usability and color of the trunk, there are four types of ulin variates:

Ulin Tando, reddish brown bar color
Ulin Wax, dark brown bar
Ulin Copper, yellowish stem color
Ulin Lime, the color of the stem is light brown
Of the four ulin above, tando ulin, wax and copper are best used for building foundations and floors, while limestone ulin is the only type of ulin that is easily split so that it is suitable for raw materials for shingles.

Ulin is very strong and durable, with strength class and durability class no I. This type of wood also has a specific gravity of 1.04 so that it can sink in water. This wood is known for its resistance to moisture and temperature as well as resistance to sea water. This wood is hard to nail and saw but easy to split.

Because it is very strong and durable, ironwood is widely used for various purposes, such as building foundations in water and wetlands, roofs, sills and doors. Furthermore ironwood can also be used as construction material for bridges, electricity poles and shipyards.